Estou procurando um expecialista PPC com inglês fluente para um projeto imediato para uma grande empresa estrangeira de TI.

Descrição em inglês:
As a PPC strategist, you will run the day to day delivery and optimization of Google and paid social ads geared largely to developers, C-level technology executives, and IT leadership. You will be responsible for execution of our paid strategy, ensuring good traffic from ads to conversion while carefully monitoring budget and quality score. Optimizing to CPL, CPO and CPA is of highest importance. More specifically, you’ll get to:
- Deliver PPC campaigns to the most relevant and effective networks based on analysis, monitoring, review and active decision-making
- Assess and understand business objectives, translating those goals into a PPC strategy and action plan
- Monitor and report on key performance indicators and present progress to stakeholders and senior management
- Undertake smart buying decisions to ensure maximum effect for a given online budget spend
- Collaborate with other marketing colleagues to ensure joint strategic marketing objectives align with paid ad activity

The company is from the US and in order to understand if you are a good fit please answer the following:

- Price/hour
- Availability in terms of hours per week
- Years of experience with Adwords
- Years of experience with Social Media
- Years of experience with Email Marketing (not mandatory)
- Level of spoken and written English (High,Intermediate or low)

Applicants must reply in English with the English resume.

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